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Do you find it difficult to determine how much it costs to tune a piano?After that, your worries are gone. Here you’ll find all the information you need regarding piano repair prices.

Thus, when you use a piano for a long time, tuning it regularly is a must. Our focus here is to see how much tuning a piano costs.

It is estimated that the average cost of tuning a piano may be between $65 and $225. Across the country, it costs an average of $130. For the same reason, the cost could increase by one hundred dollars. Now, let’s know more details about them:

What Is The Standard Of A Piano-Tuning?

Pianos are indeed giant instruments, yet they are quite delicate. Due to this, it responds to the changing climate and swells as a result. Regular maintenance will ensure that it remains sound for years to come with its value as well.

In order to produce the desired degree of vibrate, a piano technician adjusts the tension on each string. A440 is the standard for pianos, which means that A notes should be produced at 440 cycles/second over C vibrates. Tuning a piano’s saddle is a difficult task.

However, some notes of a piano can be fixed with simple math since every keyboard note produces vibrations at the same frequency. A note of A vibrates 880 cycles per second in the following octave.

Likewise, the A note is 220 cycles/sec in the lower octave. For this reason, pianists tune their instruments so that each note is in harmony when they perform with some other instruments.

What Are The Factors That Affect Piano Tuning Costs?

It is important to know what influences the cost of tuning a piano before asking how much it is. Several piano tuners charge an hourly rate for their services.

The technicians lift the pitch of a piano that is about to go out of order first. The next step is fine-tuning. The piano strings are adjusted so that it can vibrate at A440 o f more quickly.

In time, the technicians finish fine-tuning A440’s highest string. As well as this issue, a piano that is unevenly tuned is another common problem. The two primary reasons for it are as follows.

A delay in repairing an instrument for a very long time and a change in humidity that changes its soundboard contracting and expanding are two examples. It must be tuned so that it is in tune with the notes at every octave in this case.

In addition to worn or old strings and damaged soundboards, loose tuning pins are some other contributing factors. You can expect your piano tuning costs to increase due to these factors.

Estimated Costs to Tune a Piano

Some piano tuners will ask you essential questions to make an estimate when you contact them. Some other dealers will insist on seeing your piano and hearing it before offering you a price estimate.

They will just charge for the inspection services if they find that the piano is not tunable. They apply two types of rates, namely the flat rate and the hourly rate.

Thus, the cost of having a piano tuned depends upon some affecting factors. A significant factor is the way you choose to tune it. According to Texas Piano Doctor, a standard piano tune-up costs about $85 on average.

Most of the piano tuners charge by the hour for repairs that are not too extensive. Normally, the cost of tuning a piano is $100 per hour. Despite that, it can cost up to $200/hour for a big grand piano or a very expensive piano. Due to the high level of expertise required.  

Additional Services & Charges

You tell a professional technician the problem with the piano and he fixes it. You can also ask them about other things you can fix for the best results.

Therefore, if your piano requires additional services other than just tuning, always consult a technician. They also offer essential repairing services if your piano requires them.

We’ll now see how much additional services for your piano typically cost. Soundboard cleaning costs between $100 and $150, pitch correction $60, and repairing $65/hour.


Until you learn how much it costs to tune a piano, you know how much it costs to have a piano tuned. It is therefore possible to take it to a technician. In some cases, however, there are multiple technicians.

If you come to them with a problem, you should make sure that you have located the right technician.