As you’re in search to know about Freedom boat club cost that’s, you’re reading this post. When you’re going to join the club, you’ll have to pay a one-time joining fee that’s a $5,000. Also, you have to pay another $349 as a monthly fee.

However, before we proceed to the key points of the article, we’ll learn about Freedom Boat Club in short. Freedom Boat Club, FBC is a type of members-only largest boat club in the United State.

Apart from the US, the activities of the FBC are available in Canada and Europe as well. This is another amazing way to boating other than being a boat owner.

The club takes care of the boat from cleaning to maintenance. Well, let’s get into the main point of the Freedom Boat Club prices to become one of their members.

Freedom Boat Club Membership Cost

Membership cost of Freedom Boat Club is an essential issue to consider when you want to join them. But, don’t forget one thing that the boat club membership cost may vary from one coast to another.

Despite having the variations, we’ll try to give the best possible and the most accurate information about the pricing. We already have known about the pricing of the club membership which is in total $ 5,349.

In this amount, there is the inclusion of a one-time joining fee along with a monthly fee. That means, when you’ll pay the amount, you just need to pay a $349 for every other month.

You might be thinking that this is a large amount to become a member of the club. But, this is indeed 60 to 70% cheaper than being an owner of an individual boat. It’s because you’d need nothing to deal with a boat regarding wrapping, storing, or towing it.

Most of their members are have enough money to their personal boat, but they don’t do it. The reasons are that we have mentioned earlier and they simply like to avoid the mess.

What Are The Reasons To Vary The Onetime/ First Entry Fee?

They make the cost of the onetime entry fee based on their local market situations that vary regularly. For example, you’re going to buy a 20002-foot house in San Francisco, CA or Seattle, WA.

It’ll definitely cost much more than that of a house in Sarasota, FL. In the same way, if you want to be a member of a famous boating spot, you must pay a bit more. Also, the franchise is facing competition for narrow slip space in contrast to other entities.

These include their commercial and the boat owners’ interest in this concern. Thus, when a marina charges more fees for slip, dock, and office space, the franchise owners need more money to operate their boating business.

As a result, the onetime entry fee can vary widely from a larger metropolitan area to a smaller one.

Why Does Monthly Membership Plans Vary?

The reasons are the same to vary the monthly membership plans with pricing and options. That’s why some clubs are located in some warm climate zones offer unlimited year-long boating.

Also, they entail operations, staffing, maintenance, and ongoing service for the whole year. These all require extra money and all of these make your boating experience more expensive.

But, there is some seasonal boat business operating clubs due to the rough weather conditions out there. When it comes to the off-season months of the business, you should pay the monthly fee to store, maintain, and winterizing the boat.

You might be worried to pay for the offseason. No worry, you can choose membership with pre-selected months. Many boat clubs come with the offer of 3 and 6-month based seasonal membership. It could be a great option for you if you’re looking for reducing the monthly cost.


What Does The Monthly Membership Fee Covers & What Don’t?

Freedom Boat Club is nothing but a type of community club that’s a nice way to meet new people and get fun. Also, it’s great to make new friends and to learn about their passion and experience of boating.

Besides, they have a partnership to joint venture with West Marine. So, many of them arrange fishing seminar and some other special events for the members. But, the clubs of all locations don’t offer fuel for their members to operate the boat.

Some of their clubs have had meters to monitor the flow of the fuel that they review upon return. In every case, you just need to take the charge of taking the fuel that you’ll be using while you’re outing.

Bottom Line

Every Freedom Boat Club cost depends on the location and the range of the services. Also, the clubs have their expert dock staff that focuses on helping the club members with checking in, boarding, departure, and returns.

In the meantime, you’ll get the scope of enjoying unlimited safe boating with necessary training.


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