Many home owners are under the misconception that painting their existing kitchen cabinets is an inexpensive way of updating their kitchen.

While there are many benefits to painting your cabinets, they can still be quite costly. One of the best ways to determine the total cost is to break it down into individual categories so you will have a clear idea of what you can expect.

Here are some key areas in which you will spend money in regards to painting your cabinets: supplies, preparation and labor costs.

Let’s take a look at each category individually…

Cabinet Supplies You Will Need To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

         * Primer (1-2 coats)

         * Paint (3-4 coats)

         * Brushes and rollers

         * Screwdriver

Kitchen cabinets come in a variety of styles and materials. You will need to select the appropriate primer and paint for your cabinets as some may require an oil-based paint which drys slowly, while others need a water-based paint. Plus you will want to match the sheen level of your current cabinets (glossy/semi-gloss) with what is currently being used on your walls etc.

Depending on how many coats of primer you apply, this could range anywhere from $25 – $100+. The same goes for paint; depending on the brand or type, it can cost anywhere from $70 – $200 per gallon.

You will also need to purchase the appropriate brushes and rollers. For trim work you may need smaller, foam paint rollers while for larger surfaces you might consider using a standard paint brush.

Preparing Your Kitchen Cabinets To Paint

The next step is to properly prepare your cabinets before painting them. The number one key here is sanding because this will smooth out any rough areas on the cabinet, which in turn allows the paint to adhere properly. It is important not to skip this step because if there are any rough spots in the wood it could cause chipping or flaking when painted with primer or paint. A normal sanding job can costs anywhere from $30 – $50 per hour depending on how much sanding needs to be done.

Labor Costs To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

In order to paint the cabinets, you will need to remove all contents from them first as well as any doors that can easily be removed. Then, carefully follow our step-by-step guide on how to correctly paint kitchen cabinets , paying close attention to detail so they turn out looking smooth, even and fabulous once completed. Once your cabinet have been painted and dry it is time for you to put everything back in place which also cost time and money depending on how long its takes you. But don’t forget there’s more!

         * There may be areas of the cabinet that are not accessible without a stepladder, therefore requiring someone taller than average to complete the job.

         * You may need to rent or purchase specialized equipment in order to get the project done, (i.e.: paint sprayer)

Carefully consider all of these factors when looking at how much it will cost to paint your cabinets. Also remember that there are other things you can do in addition to painting, including glazing or staining them, which can further add to your total costs. But if you take your time and plan everything out before even beginning it should make for a smooth and easy process!


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