With the release of iOS 14, customizing the Home Screen has become easier than ever before. Due to this, widget apps for iPhone saw an astronomical rise within the first week since the release of the new iOS. Here is a complete guide to help you choose the right iOS 14 third-party widgets so you can enjoy your iPhone to the fullest. I am going to show you some of the best widgets for the iPhone that you can use.

How to Add Third-Party Widgets on iOS 14

In the Home Screen you can add widgets very easily. If you tap and hold anywhere on the Home Screen, you will enter jiggle mode. Tap the + button at the left edge of the screen to exit the jiggle mode. During the widget editing process, you’ll find all the widget options available. Scroll right through all the different sizes and once you have found the one you want, tap Add Widget. For more information regarding setting up Widgets on your iPhone, you can also refer to this comprehensive guide on the subject.

Best Widget Apps for iPhone

1. FlipClock

IIt is possible to choose between two sizes for the FlipClock widget: small or medium.n spite of the fact that the Clock widget comes preinstalled on iPhones running iOS 14, it has two major problems: first, it shows the incorrect time sometimes, and second, it only shows an You can use FlipClock as an alternative to the default digital clock widget on your Home Screen if you prefer.mple alternative. FlipClock widget comes in two sizes: small and medium. It’s free as well.

2. Usage

The Usage widget is a tool that provides information on your iOS home screen that you can use to keep track of important things. In the app, there are a few different widgets, which provide a variety of information, such as how much active RAM is being used, the amount of storage, the amount of data consumed, network speeds, etc. It’s an essential widget if you’re a power user and wish to have information at your fingertips. Although Usage is a free app with a few features locked, you can unlock all the features with a $2 purchase.

3. Watch Pet: Widget Pets

As the fad for cats and dogs in the 70s, Watch Pets is comparable to the idea of caring for an inanimate object as if it was a pet. A digital avatar of a pet can be created in this app and all the pet’s needs can be met. You have to feed, play, and provide clean water for them to survive. With just a single click you are able to see a cute picture of your pet doing whatever they are doing on your home screen. The widget will dynamically update and show the picture of your pet as it sleeps if your pet goes to sleep. It’s really fun to care for this virtual pet, and it makes me feel good.

4. Noted

I have found a great app that lets you take notes, that now includes a widget that runs on iOS 14 as well. With the widget you are able to easily take a look at your notes right from the Home Screen, and you can even start recording notes with just one tap. There is no restriction on how you can configure the widgets. It is completely up to you to select which notes should be displayed.  

5. MemoWidget

The app doesn’t make sense if you aren’t a power user. In order to fill this gap, MemoWidget was created. It allows you to keep memos on your home screen. I would recommend the widget mainly because it resembles a sticky note, which is why it comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Using the app, you can edit the memo quickly. On the App Store, you can download MemoWidget for free with ads.

6. Minimonth

Minimonth is a widget that you can add to your Home Screen in order to get a customized calendar. You can also adjust the color of the elements, the light/dark mode, week numbers, etc., which is not the case with the standard Calendar widget. After the widget has been set up, all you have to do is add the Calendar to the home screen, and everything will start working, even showing upcoming events with small dots next to their dates.

7. Widgetsmith

Designed to create a customized home screen widget layout, Widgetsmith creates custom widgets. It has the ability to create widgets that perform one function or dynamic widgets that display different information throughout the day. If you create a widget for the morning, for example, followed by a widget for the day’s calendar, then a widget for Activities at the end of the day, you could show three widgets at once.

In addition, you will receive accurate information at a glance based on your Apple Health data. A subscription would unlock advanced features like tide and weather data in Widgetsmith, which is free on the App Store.

8. Photo Widget

You are able to create a slideshow of your favorite photos on the Home Screen using the Photo Widget app, a simple widget. It is as simple as adding all the photos that you want to include in the slideshow, setting the timer, and installing the widget. Whenever you set the intervals for the widget to refresh, the photo would change and your Home Screen would have a more dynamic appearance. App Store users can download Photo Widget for free.

9. Vocabulary

There are a lot of words in the English language, and I am fascinated by the sheer amount of them. There are ten new words to learn every day with this app. You would be able to see a new word as soon as you placed a widget on your home screen until you tapped on it. It can be resized on three levels: small, medium, and large, but the content of the widget never changes. A free trial version of the app is available but there is a subscription fee of $0.99 per month.

10. Widgeridoo

Like Widgetsmith, Widgeridoo is a custom widget app that lets you create widgets. The widget you create with this app will be a truly customized one, because it’s implemented differently. In one single widget, you can display, for example, battery percentage, a RSS feed, a photo, birthdays, etc. All functions are modules, so you can mix and match to make as many combinations as you want. Widgeridoo is a must-have app if you want your widgets to stand out.


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